One of a kind Vintage Vegan Bags with Social Impact

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Support unpriviledge mothers & children

Sustainability | Fair & Green

Create Social Impact

Wana Bana starts by searching for Latin American talent who share our values:

  • -   Great design with high quality: products that are unique, exclusive, hand made and authentic
  • -   Has Social Impact
  • -   Pays a Fair Price for the products
  • -   Are continuously engaged in looking for ways to Reduce the Environmental Impact
  • -   Clear communication
  • -   Dare to be different, with a distinctive identity and be proud to tell the story
  • -   Products that are designed to be sustainable or are design products with sustainable attributes (sustainability is incorporated as much as possible).

The designers are engaged in the Wana Bana program for at least two years. During this time Wana Bana offers them the web shop to be able to reach the consumers directly, gives them free consulting advice to improve their resource management, supports them in the certification process with World Fair Trade Organisation, and organises activities for cultural exchange to be able to design with European style

In the end, the products will be fair trade certified and better able to compete in the European Market. 

5% of the profit of each sold product will go to a donation fund. Annually Wana Bana will choose an educational program for children in disadvantage in Latin America and will donate the money in goods they need.
Donations will be given in physical improvements: books, building condition, etc. More information will be published after doing the first donation.
You can find how much money we have collected until now in here

Compensate CO2 Release

Being aware that the distance between Latin America and Europe will create CO2 releases; Wana Bana compensates these by planting trees. At the end of year we will calculate the impact and make the compensation. More information will be published about this after the first compensation. 

Involve the Consumer

You, as a customer, buy a beautiful unique product and contribute to a children's educational fund in Latin America.  You are buying an item that has impact! By shopping in the site you know:

  • -   How much goes to the children educational fund and how it was used
  • -   The social and environmental impact your product has
  • -   How CO2 release is being compensated