One of a kind Vintage Vegan Bags with Social Impact

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Support unpriviledge mothers & children

Meet us behind the scenes!

The Makers

In Colombia, there is a big social issue where many unprivileged single mothers must travel long distances away from their homes to work long hours with unfair pay, all in order financially support their children. However, this means they are away from their children for most of the day, with it being difficult to find someone to look after them in the meantime, and leading to their absence for most of their child’s day.


Our aim is to empower unprivileged single mothers by helping them work from of nearby their home, thus bringing flexibility to their work and life schedule. This way they can financially support their family and physically be there to support and raise them as well.


Aida, Johanna and Ximena are currently the three wonderful women that work to produce the Wana Bana bags.


The Makers

The Designer

Nixa Sierra

Nixa Sierra uses LP covers and vintage magazines from the 20’s to 90’s to make her products.

She reuses materials that would otherwise go to waste. Making each bag a unique piece with personality allows the owner to identify with the product.

In 2004, as an industrial designer, she was unsatisfied with what she saw in the labour market: poor labour conditions, industrialisation of products, and inefficient processes. She started to see the potential of materials others would treat as waste. She felt terrible seeing something in the garbage that took so much to produce. For example, an empty bottle keeps its characteristics. What is the use of throwing it away if it can be re-used?

This sparked the idea to reuse LP and Magazine covers. And thus, her bags were born! As for why she chooses synthetic (PU) leather: it is more environmentally friendly than real leather while still having a high-quality durability to the product. She is in charge of operations in Colombia: from bringing the material to the makers until shipping it to The Netherlands!


The Business Operators

Wana Bana Team NL


Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, this is where all the other matters related to the business are handled. Managing online and shop sales within Europe, distribution of the product, the brand’s marketing, financial, and PR aspects. We are a team of two ladies, Lili and Jacoline, that work hard to get Wana Bana known and understood for the socially conscious and sustainably chic brand that it is.