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Diente de Leon


Claudia Gomez Mejia is the creator of Diente de Leon, a brand born out of observation, spontaneity, freedom and the surprise of not knowing what will detonate a beautiful idea. Diente de Leon started in Bogota, Colombia.

Each pantyhose tells the story of a journey: each design is unique and represents a state of mind and heart. Created for women that want to feel different. Each pattern is hand made giving them a personal touch; the heart and energy is imprinted in each garment. 

Diente de Leon believes that it is worth working for an ideal. She believes organized work and continuity leads to sustainable growth, and the good energy from family and friends makes one stronger. She also believes in using materials in a conscious way, in the fair treatment of employees, and paying a fair salary.

Diente de Leon has participated in different runways in Colombia as a complement to the collections of other Colombian top designers.

The Designer... 

Claudia Gomez Mejia


Video made by "Canal ISAT" for "Urbanos Bogota"



The inspiration for Diente de Leon’s collections comes out of constant exposition to images filtered by the mood or experience of the moment. 

“Botanica”: The first place Claudia lived in Bogota after coming back from London was her sister’s home in the countryside. The experience of changing her environment from a concrete jungle to pure nature gave room to this collection.

“Las líneas que nos separan”: This collection marks the rebirth of the brand after a core-changing experience for Claudia

Urban Maps: inspired by her architect background and the love for cities that have changed her life: London, Berlin, Bogotá and Buenos Aires.

Diente Leon

Description of process


Ricardo makes the tights with
this machine


Derli attaches the tights in
order to make a pair


Carmen controls the quality after
dyeing the tights in a color


Yenny do the packing!






Claudia designs, prototypes and
trains Doña Julia to stamp
the tights 


 Doña Julia hand-stamps
the tights


Finally Claudia gives the
last Diente de Leon touch

   Ready to sell!        

Environmental Impact

Like all start-up’s Diente de Leon started out of passion for beautiful pantyhose. At the beginning of the journey it used toxic chemicals for the hand-made stamping process. Out of respect for the environment and workers that had to deal with these chemicals, Diente de Leon research for a better way to do it founding the answer in one if her trips to London: vegetable inks.

Social Impact

Diente de León gives work to a single mother and a family business.

The vision is to be able to give more stability to them by offering a part time job. Diente de Leon believes in paying fair prices to the people that collaborates with the brand. Therefore it pays a percentage more than the legal salary.