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Support unpriviledge mothers & children

Hello I am....

Johana Gonzales

"I am a single mother coming from a disadvantaged community. I like working for Nixa because it supports my family. I have 3 boys, ages 13, 6 and 2. I work together with my mother and sister".

First they worked in the atelier of Nixa but after some time Nixa donated her atelier to them so they could become independent. Now Nixa is a client. “We all live together in a house: the second floor is for the family and the third is for the atelier”.

Johana is happy working for Nixa. Nixa consistently orders from her, which is a relief because she counts on this income to support her children. Nixa also helps support the children. She gives them the materials they need for school and takes them to the doctor if they are sick.

“Nixa tries to give us the best working conditions as possible: masks for working with glue, gloves, etc. We work 8 hours a day but during the Christmas season we work sometimes from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Nixa pays us per unit better than the rest of our customers”.

When mistakes are made, Nixa always helps to find a solution. If there is a delay, she comes and gives them a hand. “And if we don’t know something, she teaches us! I am happy to see that what we produce is welcome by the people”.

Wana Bana and Nixa will first focuses on improving the air condition of the atelier. The smell of glue can be harming for them and for all the children who live downstairs.