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The fresh feeling of a good deed: compensating CO2 footprint!

As an entrepreneur you define the drivers & principles that your business will have as core for the decision-making. For me, the drivers were Sustainability and Fashion. When I started Wana Bana Design, I knew I wanted to bring cool sustainable design from my country Colombia. A detail that wasn’t that eco-conscious about my idea was the CO2 I would generate by bringing the products to Europe. For that reason, one of my principles is to once a year balance together with the designers the CO2 footprint left by Wana Bana due to importation. 


A year past since the foundation, and last February we kept our promise! We calculated the CO2 footprint of 2014 and translated into quantity of trees. The target was to plant 55 trees. 


Good karma brings good karma. When you want to do something good, everything starts to flow. Nixa Sierra took the lead of project and organised the logistics. She found the place where we could plant it: Proyecto San Antonio gave us a place and volunteered to take care of the trees. A university subsidised the trees and about 20 volunteers came that day to plant them. 


I also decided to bring my 2,5 year-old son Thomas. I think that it is never to early to start making him conscious about ecology. 

We started by preparing the earth with manure. For me wasn’t easy because I am simply not a plant girl: don’t like getting my hands dirty, hate worms and I neglect the care of them. Don’t take me wrong, I love nature and to see beautiful flowers and plants. I am just not the one taking care of them. 

Anyway, once I got started I really enjoyed. It was like meditating. I got energised only by putting my hands in the mud. 

At the end of the day, I left with the great feeling. Only one afternoon, with friends and volunteers, working hand in hand with a great purpose: contribute directly to this planet by making it a bit greener. 

The result: we planted 55 trees of the species “Chicala”, compensating the transport generated by Wana Bana’s import of 2014. It will not only help to improve the quality of air but they will also protect 10 species of birds that lives in Projecto San Antonio. 


So, if you have some spare time and want to create some good karma? Go with you friends and plant a tree!

And end the day with some typical Colombian food if you can, full of carbohydrates. Hmmm...lekker!