Diana, founder of Koda

 Presenting the founder of Koda: Diana van Dongen

She is an empowered social entrepreneur who loves design and salvaging furniture textile leftovers. Having worked in the retail industry and witnessed the issues in the fashion industry, Diana tells us her story: “ They make clothes by copying other brands, the leftovers are a big waste for the planet,” says Diana. Therefore, she started her own business with the mission of making beautiful accessories out of leftovers, influencing more people on having positive impact for the environment.

What is the biggest challenge for you?

Diana: “It is always hard to find the specific demands of consumers specially in the fashion industry, most of my consumers buy my products because of the design”. About 80% of Koda's revenue comes from design stores instead of sustainable-based stores, which means consumers are more willing to pay for design than sustainability.

Most businesses think that the essence is making money. Diana as a social entrepreneur considers more than just making money. She has positive environmental impact, which is also a challenge: saving leftovers while conveying excellent product with great design and price for the customers.

About Koda?

As sustainable Dutch design, Koda’s product portfolio starts from bags to household goods. With the increasing developing curve, Koda already entered the Japanese Market and achieved good performance there. Building a memorable brand is always the final objective to attract people and gain their trust. Let’s wait for the future development of this exquisite Dutch design-Koda.

Brand: Koda-Etui (Pencil Bag)

Brand: Koda-Etui (Pencil Bag)

 Pics & texts by: Yi Lin. 13/10/2017