Latin American Fair Design with a story attached

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Wana Bana’s name is inspired in this fruit: Guanabana. Almost unknown in Europe. A creamy and refreshing fruit. This analogy is what we use: bring design from Colombia and other Latin American countries, unknown but beautiful. Another source of...

People ask me: what means Wana Bana. Is it wanna be... ??

This the story behind the name!

Wana Bana’s name is inspired in this fruit: Guanabana. In English is Soursoup, in Dutch is Zuurzeep. Almost unknown in Europe.

When you open it you will find a creamy and cotton kind of texture. It has loads of pi...

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Posted By Lili Rengifo

Take the leap of faith

Being entrepreneur is a call, something you have in your stomach that is there and you know is calling and is up to each person to follow it or not. 

I you feel it then our advice is to follow that call and take the leap of faith to the unknown. It is totally worth it. Wether you succed or get wiser,...

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Posted in Social Entrepreneurship By Liliana Rengifo

 Nixa Sierra Who Made my Bag

 We love Instagram. Why? We get to meet and collaborate with great people around the globe. 

For Fashion Revolution 2017 we did it with The Conscious Fashionista.

She visited the atelier of Nixa Sierra to meet the makers of these great bags: Aida and Johana (from left to right). Mother and Daughter, ...

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Posted By Liliana Rengifo
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