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Andrés Restrepo and Alejandro González are the founders of Alado, a brand born in Medellin (known as the fashion capital of Colombia). They met and started working together when they were students in university.

Their brand has become one of the most outstanding and with most projection in the Colombian independent design, according to the fashion journalist Maria Teresa Mesa.

Alado tells stories where art is always present. Andres and Alejandro have created a brand that not only makes a difference from a design point of view but also from their production principals: no industrialisation, reuse of materials, practice of fair trade, and research and generation of new materials.

As part of their research, they analysed the raw materials in the textile manufacturing process. They saw how much scrap was generated which could get a second life or reincarnate into a completely new product. 

Their dream is to allow everyone to dress up with a piece of art or how they call it: democratisation of design. They want to bring every social class in their project: from the person who creates the pieces to the person who wears it.

They have participated in the Moscow Fashion Week. Alado stands from Alas, or wings, and that is what they do: put wings in everything they do and fly far away.

The Designers: Andrés Restrepo & Alejandro González 




Porcelain   Metamorfosis   Anticuarius   Icarus  


An ordinary day…

Inspiration can come from anywhere, inclusive bugs!   Creating beautiful designs   Andres makes the accesorise or complements as they call it(jewellery, bags and shoes)   Kelly is the second hand of Andres! He can’t literally lived without her ;-)   Alejandro makes the clothing  

Martha (mom of Kelly) assists Alejandro in different hand-made techniques specially for embroidery    Jhon also assists Alejadro in technique. He came all the way from Bogota to work for them. He also takes part at Alado’s education program for young talent    Time for lunch break. Andres and Alejandro prepares for everyone a delicious meal with fresh ingredients from the market  

Maria Helena is a single mother. That is why she must work at home. She assists Alejandro with the confection and production 

  Carolina takes care of the store!  

Social impact

The brand has social impact by supporting a vulnerable part of population: single mothers. Alado provides them with machines at home so they can work for Alado without having to leave the children alone.  Alado pays them as well fair salaries.


Environmental Impact

They give a second life to textiles cuts that for its small amount are treated as waste in the textile industry. They develop ecological fibres by recycling PVC.