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Santacruz is one of the most recognised fashion designers in Colombia. Born in Pasto, she is well-known for designing fabrics made with a loom.  She uses Indian craft techniques from the men and women of her local town tribes, which later gave rise to the new habitants in Nariño, located in the south of Colombia. Her creations include coats and stoles being made with contemporary concept, evocating space, tribal unity and cultural roots. She thereby transcends and opposes the mechanization of the textile industry.

She has been invited to participate in different international runways, such as, World Fashion Week in Paris. Her unique pieces are a fusion of artisan techniques and fashion design.

The Designer...


Source: Carrousel

Some of her Collections through the years…

Wana Bana Adriana Santacruz Horus Collection   Wana Bana Adriana Santacruz Sara y el Halcon collection    Wana Bana Adriana Santacruz Micaela y el Volcan collection

Collection made with cloth woven in Guanga loom
complemented with industrial fabrics as alpaca,
cashmere and tweed.

  Sara y el Halcon
Sara means the universal woman and
the “Halcon”or Falcon
is the synonym of beauty and freedom
  Micaela y el Volcan
Allegory to the Galeras Volcano, in whose foothills
is the city of Pasto. And Micaela: an indian woman
warrior of Pasto’s tribe, who fought several battles
to preserve their territory.

Description of process

Andriana’s team get together to define the collection: trends, colours, textures, besides other variable.   The textile to be woven by artisans is designed according to the collection parameters    After the craftsman representative has a clear idea of textile design, he/she distributes the work between the different people in their community, according to different factors such as skills and time available to everyone. This work is carried out in their homes, so they do not interfere with the various activities that develop artisans in their daily lives, such as agriculture and livestock.      These cloths come to the production floor, where they enter a process of cleaning, ironing, besides others. Subsequently the garment is designed.  

The garments are 90%  hand-made. Starts with the interwoven process, which is made mainly at Adriana’s workshop. Then the garment is sent to satellite workshops where mainly women engaged in domestic work do the embroidery details (they enjoy giving to their daily routine an artistic and artisan touch). Finally the finishing touch is given at Adriana’s workshop. 

Hands involve: Indian weavers of ethnicity of “Pastures”. Their descendants are located in the southern Nariño Department – Colombia.


Social and Environmental impact

Adriana Santacruz shares the value of people first. This is why she pays her collaborators fair prices. Her brand creates social impact by supporting communities in disadvantage to express themselves artistically by being able to go back into their roots and do what they best do: supreme craftsmanship such as loom weaving and embroidery.

Adriana creates pieces that are timeless and support the value of slow fashion: you can use each piece in multiple ways, it will not go out of fashion and if you treat it with love it will remain intact. She also reuses odds and ends in her new collections.


Her story…

As a child, Adriana Santacruz would dress up her friends with adult clothing, offering big home runways. Her viewers would applaud her creativity. For example, she would transform something quite basic into something very sophisticated, such as a pot onto a hat.

At this time, the seed of an outstanding designer was being planted whose professional proposal to rescue the indigenous traditions and bring them into fashion. In 2000, Adriana Santacruz graduated from the University obtaining the best grades for her research work.

After university, a new stage begins for Adriana Santacruz in which she wants to continue with the achievements she was aiming for. Adriana started looking for support with the leading personalities of the Colombian fashion world in order to get to know her work.  As a result, Adriana had the chance to participate at the most well-known craft fair in South America, “Expoartesanias”.

Adriana, having her exhibition on one of the most important runways in Colombia at that time, got herself known for Bogota fashion, led by Pilar Castaño, a very well-known fashion critic. Adriana attended the exhibition three times between 2001 and 2003.

Once Adriana Santacruz was known in fashion, she decided to open her own enterprise focusing on ancient crafts of mankind, elaborated by Colombia indigents who work on the loom.  Most importantly, is the opportunity given to humble families, to work along with Adriana and her enterprise. 

In 2006, Adriana won by meritocracy the Fucsia runway, an event which is held in Colombia-moda (Medellin) in 2007, which is one of the most outstanding fashion shows in the country. Right at this time, Cromos, one of the most recognized fashion magazines in Colombia awarded Adriana “designer revelation”. Adriana was invited to share the same runway with the well-known designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada in order to benefit poor children, in an event which was held in Medellin. In the same year, Adriana was invited to participate in Miss Colombia ceremony; Adriana had the privilege to dress all contestants. 

One more time, Adriana was invited to Colombiamoda to the Identity Runway. Later on, Adriana was accredited by Marangoni Institute from Italy with a scholarship in complementary studies in Milan. Few months later, Adriana won a Bienal Latin American prize, which was shown at EL MATADERO museum in Madrid.

At the beginning of 2009, Mrs. Santacruz pursued the idea of being internationally recognized. After she had completed her studies in Milan – Italy, she decided to implement fashion shows in Paris and Madrid throughout the Colombian embassies. The main idea was that the name of Colombia would be exalted overseas, and in the meantime they would encourage Adriana´s work. Her designs were acquire by important personalities of France and Spain, giving Adriana the opportunity of opening new international markets. When she returns to her country, She joins one of the most important runways of Colombia named “Cali Expo Show, that was held in Cali.

At the beginning of 2010, Adriana is the winner of “Mujer Cafam Nariño” award, she also obtained a “First Honor Mention” which is a nomination given to the most important women of the country who have made a social impact while developing their work. The same year, Adriana is invited by ”Puteaux” City Hall of France to join a runway in order to celebrate the “International Women´s Day”. Later on, she invited by the Colombian embassy in Peru to go to that country and make part of a runway, which would commemorate “Colombia Two Centuries”. When she came back to Colombia, she was invited to “Avon´s runway” This is a non-profit event, which raises funds for the “Breast Cancer Organization”. At the end of this year Adriana Santacruz made her first export. A company from Kuwait whose mission is to create a combination of fashion and art showed interest in acquiring Adriana’s designs and that is how her pieces were exhibited in an art gallery in Kuwait. After having a career in the field of design and fashion, Adriana gets the top prize in the design of Colombia, "El Lapiz de Acero Azul", awarded by the prestigious magazine "Proyecto y Diseño" in 2011.



Subsequently, she was invited again to “Avon´s runway”, whose objective was the same. For the first months of 2012, Adriana was invited to present their new collection at the International Fashion Week, where her fashion show was the inaugural event of the entire program, which took place in Bogota - Colombia. Adriana simultaneously received an award for the International Fashion Week, Acicam and Bogota Chamber of Commerce for their invaluable work of rescuing traditions, creating innovative and supporting diversity in the field of fashion.

More recently Mrs. Santacruz was nominated as the official representative of Colombia for the Inaugural Ceremony World Fashion Week Paris 2014 and one of her masterpieces is traveling around the world with the WFW team to all the places where this event takes place.